Xbox One GPU Clock Speed Increase, RAM Upgrade

Microsoft has been willing to act quickly on the feedback that they were given for the Xbox One. When people were getting upset and angry about the DRM polices and the internet connection policy, Microsoft dropped the policies for both and promised for a more open system. Now that is out the way there is one major issue that the PS4 has over the Xbox One and that my friends is the hardware specs... Let’s Talk.

Now we all know that the PS4 use the GDDR5 RAM over Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM, which gives the PS4 better performance. Well now all of a sudden there has been a rumor going about that Microsoft is willing to address this issue by improving the hardware specs inside the Xbox One.  The rumor is that Microsoft gave the developers two choices. 1) Improve the clock speed in the GPU or 2) Up the RAM from 8GB to 12GB.

Now if this is remotely true, the increase in the GPU clock speed will mean that developers will be able to add more polygons, which most likely mean better graphics on the Xbox One; which seems more possible since we are so close to launch. Now if they decided to do an increase in RAM from 8GB to 12GB, this could give the Xbox One more power to render objects in the background. This means you could see more buildings and objects in the game than is currently happening. This is kind of interesting because the Xbox One dev kits ship with 12GB RAM.

What do you think of this rumor? Are you in favor of this? I mean anything is possible ... right?