The Professional Gamer - July 26, 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's installment of the Professional Gamer.  This week I finished a book and rediscovered some old friends.


I am working through the archives of NOVA Science Now!, but have discovered that NOVA (the more documentary focused program) is also available for streaming.  As I discussed last week, Neil deGrasse Tyson is awesome.  On that note, Tyson was at San Diego Comic Con with a trailer for the new series Cosmos: A Space-Time Odessey.  I am really excited by this. 


Sometimes, one rediscovers an old game after several years of neglect. Such was my fate this week.  When Torchlight 2 went on sale this past week, I decided to reinstall my copy of the original Torchlight.  Unfortunately, my save file was on ZeldeQueen's Steam account.  I was left with no choice other than to start from the beginning.  With my experience playing previously, I feel like this play through is going to go much more smoothly.


This week I finished Letters to a Young Scientist, which is a really great book.  If you are a young scientist, or think you may want to be one, this is an invaluable book.  Today, I started reading Adventure Time Vol. 2.  I'll probably finish it tonight.  My first impression is another great comic.

It's been another busy week here, but I look forward to continuing with my hobbies next week.