The Professional Gamer - August 30, 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's installment of the Professional Gamer.  This week, numerous events have conspired to keep me away from my video games.  I did manage to sneak in some reading and watching however.  Read on to find out how my week went.


Still working my way through the NOVA backlog.  This week included documentaries about the Bible and the origin of Homo sapiens.  Science is awesome!  I also caught this weeks episode of Shanihanigans, the weekly-ish livecast by Katie and Shaggy Shanahan.  I was introduced to Katy through her Simply Potterific comic series that she did a few years ago.  I have known about their livecast, but never taken the time to check it out.  My special reason to have a look this week was that my friend Angi-chan was their special guest.  The recorded livecast can be accessed here.  Have a look to see some cool people talking about comics and art education. 


I have played no video games this week.  I'm going to have to do something about that soon, but not this weekend.


I am still working my way through The High Cost of Free Parking, and I don't have much else to report about it.  I still find the author's analysis of the unintended consequences of requiring free parking to be a compelling argument about the current challenges faced in urban development.

That's all for this week.  Join me again next Friday for another weekly update of the Professional Gamer.