Nan Desu Kan is Almost Here

NDK arrives this Friday at the DTC Marriott. For those that attend the convention each year you know what that means. But what if you have never been to the largest anime convention in the Rocky Mountain Region? What if you just never had the time to get down there? Then you my friend have been missing out on one of the best conventions Denver has to offer for the geeky minded.

First off NDK has some of the best voice actors that the business has to offer. These are the people that bring life to the characters in our anime and video games. This year we have Bryce Peppenbrook who voices Kirito in "Sword Art Online" (a personal favorite), Henry in "Fire Emblem Awakening" and Rin Okumura in "Blue Exorcist". Then we have Cherami Leigh who voiced Asuna from "Sword Art Online", Gaige in "Borderlands 2" and  Elicia Hughes in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”.

A few returning names are Chris Patton (whom said he was not doing the con circuit anymore a few years ago). He voiced Asura in "Soul Eater" and Greed in "Full Metal Alchemist". We are pretty happy he decided to come back. Clarine Harp is also returning. She is not only a talented voice actor but also works with FUNimation producing DVD and Blu-ray discs. Those that read webcomics may also be interested to know that Clarine is the inspiration behind the character Aubrey in Something*Positive by R.K. Milholland (another returning guest). Another favorite at the con is Patrick Seitz. I don't even know how long he has been coming to NDK, but at this point I am not sure if it would be a con without him. Read the linked bio. Keep in mind that each guest wrote their own bio. Gives you an idea of his character. When not being sent to an asylum he does voice acting for video games, anime, writes and directs! 

I can keep going on and on about the guests, but they are all listed at the NDK Guest pages. This includes Keven McKeever, Steve Yun, and Tommy Yun from Harmony Gold (Robotech). Musical guests are Lotus Juice and Raj Ramayya.  We even have guests from Japan such as Hidenori Matsubara. He has worked on the new Evangelion movies as the animation director and character designer along with a few other titles. And this only scratches the surface. There are more great voice actors then I can shake a stick at. Ok, I probably could shake a stick at them all, but that would look just weird.

"But Chris", you are saying, "I don't want to just see a bunch of people who I typically only hear. I want to interact with my fellow fans and watch different and interesting shows". Well to you I say check out the Events Schedule. It tells you when you can find which guests along with other things such as the AMV and Costume contest as well as audience participation panels. These events include, but are not limited to, The Anime Dating Game, Animenium (think Cranium only with anime) and Anime Improv. As for anime, check the Video Schedule to see what is playing when, where, and for how long.

"Ok Chris, you have me hooked" you say, "I want to go now. But I don't want to increase the pocket book of some random business man that is cashing in on my love of anime and other geeky endeavors". Well then do I have good news for you. NDK is a non-profit. All funds they earn goes directly back into the convention to make it even better. This year NDK is also supporting STOMP out Bullying. Funds from the Charity Auction and Charity Poker Tournament will go to this honorable group. Finally if you bring 2 non-perishable food items to the volunteer desk you will get a FREE reusable tote bag (while supplies last). Now you get to not only enjoy all the anime you can get your hands on, but you get to feel good doing it!

After all that you have to want to go right? Of course you do! Keep in mind you are not the only one to decide to go at the last minute and the hotel is only so big. With that in mind get to the Marriott early. There is an attendance cap and you expect both Friday and Saturday to sell out quickly. On site registration starts at 1:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM Saturday. If you pre-registered show up Thursday at 7:00 PM till 10:00 PM. See you there.