The Professional Gamer - January 17, 2014

This week, I spent much of my time trying to improve my own bad habits while also finding time to read and watch a movie. Read on to find out more.


Pokemon Y has been my primary diversion this week. I discovered that much like Black/White 2, this game include the ability to farm berries. Unlike Black/White 2, all of the growing areas are in the same location, and there does not seem to be the need to cook the berries down into potions. All in all, I feel that this game has streamlined the Pokemon experience, and refocused on the core gameplay that most gamers wanted to see.

I have also spent some time using HabitRPG in an attempt to improve my behavior. I will admit that I have a tendency to be rather lazy about household chores. HabitRPG helps encourage me to get my work done on time with both in game and real life rewards. I need to fine tune my set up a little more to balance the work vs. rewards, but overall, it is a great system to help improve habits.


This past week I watched Wolf Children, which is an excellent movie about family, finding one's place, and the growth of children into adults. Many other reviewers' comments made me expect that I would be crying my eyes out. Although the film has some sad portions, to me they felt more melancholy than outright depressing. Nonetheless, this is a great movie that I recommend watching.


At this point, I am about halfway through Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. The book discusses the historical context of Jesus and frames his ministry through the eyes of the first century inhabitants of Palestine. Overall, the book makes many compelling arguments about how Jesus would likely have been perceived by his contemporaries. I plan to finish the book next week, and will give a more complete review then.

So much for my busy week. I hope everyone else has had more time for their geeky pursuits. Have a great week and game on!