The Professional Gamer - January 31, 2014

This week has been a very heavy week at work as well as a some big news in my personal life. Read on to learn more about my personal adventures.


This week I watched a few episodes of xxxHolic with ZeldaQueen while working out. ZQ has already watched the entire series once, but it didn't grab my attention at that time. On second viewing, I may give it another chance and purposely try to watch a few episodes. The remainder of my TV time has been taking up with my usual Daily Show and Colbert habit. I have especially enjoyed Colbert's "Superb Owl" coverage.


I picked up Hearthstone again this week and played for a few hours. I have a hard time dedicating myself to building up my deck when I know everything will be reset when the game is officially released. I've also downloaded the demo for Bravely Default, a new RPG from Square/Enix. I'm only 15 minutes into the game and still working on equipping my my characters. I'm hoping to get out in the field soon and start fighting monsters. The StreetPass features promise to be interesting.


I am continuing to read Salt, Sugar, Fat, and am now terrified of eating anything that I haven't prepared essentially from scratch. At this point, I just want to get through the book so that I can indulge in some fiction.

In other news, I have recently been approved to take the Practice of Engineering exam. This exam is the last requirement that I have to pass to gain my Professional Engineer license. From this point forward, until the exam in April, I will be spending a significant portion of my time studying for this 8 hour exam. My future articles may be short and sporadic, but I plan to return to geekiness with gusto. Wish me luck, and game on!