Amiibos are coming

Lets admit one thing, as geeks we tend to start collecting things. It tends to be limited to one type of thing or related to something specific, but we do collect. For some it is DVD's, others Gundum models. A recent trend as been the introduction of NFC models that work with video games. Both Skylanders and Disney Infinity have been really successful with this. So now Nintendo is getting in the game with Amiibo, figurines that resemble characters either owned by or licensed to Nintendo. The initial run is set to work with Super Smash Bros Wii and Super Smash Bros 3DS (requires dongle that has not been released yet), Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors. Here is phase one of the toys.

The first set of these toys is coming out on 11/21 and you will have more then one way to get them. First one is you can go to the store and hope they have the ones you want for $12.99 each. Or you can do the just announced subscription model. That is right, Nintendo had partnered with Loot Crate to provide an Amiibo subscription. If you opt for the subscriptions you will get 10 Amiibo's including Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Fox and Yoshi. No word on price yet but subscribers will get the 10 in three special shipments throughout the holiday. No word on the price of the the subscription yet, or the other characters, but that will be announce via Loot Crate soon. For more information check out

They have also released the Amiibos for December and February.

Wave 2 (December)

Wave 3 (February)