The Professional Gamer - November 14, 2014

Welcome to winter in Colorado! The temperatures this week have been well below freezing.  But that just gives me a better excuse to hide in the house and play the video games.  And that is exactly what I managed to do this week.

Reading: This week, I read Lost at Sea, but Bryan Lee O'Malley.  The book is interesting, but I would have to say that it is less polished than his later work.  O'Malley does seem to specialize in stories about people growing up and finding themselves.  The stream of consciousness style in Lost at Sea is a strong contrast to the writing styles in Scott Pilgrim and Seconds.  I honestly think that the more narrative style of his later work is more effective.  Nonetheless, Lost at Sea is a good book and a rewarding read.

Playing: This past week has largely been dedicated to playing more of Hyrule Warriors. We have managed to defeat Ganon and unlock the remainder of the Adventure Mode.  Now, Crystal and I are working in turns to complete the rest of the Adventure mode and collect the heart containers and skulltullas from the hard version of the Legend mode stages.  Many of these have taken several attempts in order to complete, due to the complex conditions that need to be met.  We are still having fun, but the multiple play-throughs of each stage are starting to get a bit old. 

Watching: After our friend Brandon pointed this out, Crystal and I have been watching Good Eats on Netflix.  At this point, Food Network has only released a select few "greatest hits" episodes.  However, the show is still a lot of fun to watch.  Due to my temporary residence in New Zealand, I managed to miss the original run of the last few seasons of Good Eats; therefore, many of the episodes available on Netflix are new to me.

The weather looks to be marginally warmer next week, but I'm sure that I still find some time for my geeky activities.  Come back again next week to read more.  Game on!