The Professional Gamer - November 7, 2014

Hello everyone! I'm back from Calgary and really happy to have more than 10 hours of daylight again.  On the other hand, I was enjoying the coffee and treats at Tim Horton's.  Regardless, I spent a good amount of time away from home this week, so I couldn't spend much time playing Hyrule Warriors.  Instead, I spent some time reading and playing Bravely Default.  Read on to learn more about the rest of my geeky week.

Watching:  All that I managed to watch this week were a few more episodes of Silver Spoon.  I continue to enjoy the lack of a direct message in the anime.  The creators seem more than willing to simply present the characters as they are and allow the audience to form their own opinion.  I am planning to watch more the series during this upcoming week, so hopefully I can finish it up before my next post and give you all a final review on the first season.

Playing: During most of my time in Calgary, I was busy learning about some geotechnical software (some of this time I would consider playing as I experimented with the software to learn how to use it), but I also had my 3DS with me and spent some time playing Bravely DefaultI didn't manage to advance the plot too much more, but I did collect a lot of experience and job points.  In addition, staying near the downtown area gave me plenty of chances for StreetPasses with other people.  I managed to meet an average of 20 other players every day, which is a lot more than I typically met.

Reading: Crystal and I bought Bryan Lee O'Malley's new graphic novel, Seconds.  I kinda rushed through the book, and feel like I need to read it again to get a more in depth feel for it.  My general impression is that its a great book.  O'Malley has composed a great story, this time looking at the particular insecurities that people in their mid- to late-twenties seem to face.  The illustrations are top notch and really help push the supernatural elements of the story.  I'm letting a friend borrow the book, but once I get it back, I'm going to read through it again so that I can compose a more complete critique.

It's been a busy week for me again, but I can always manage to find some time for my geeky pursuits.  Next week may be busy again, but I'll find some time to be geek and as well as the time to sit down and tell you about it.