The Professional Gamer - December 13, 2014

I can definitely feel the approach of Christmas coming, mostly in the fact that I'm becoming so busy with everything beside being geeky.  In addition to the usual holiday business, I'm also finding myself working an extreme amount of overtime in order to get my current design project out on time. However, I'm going to take a few minutes to relate to you how I managed to be a geek during my limited hours of free time.  Read on for my (busy) geeky week.

Reading: I'm still working through The Return of the King.  Currently, Aragorn is in the Houses of Healing, attempting to heal those who have fallen to the Black Breath.  This time through my reading, I notice Gandalf having that self-congratulatory moment about having Merry and Pippin come along on the quest.

Watching:  After several weeks off, I finally finished watching season 1 of Silver Spoon.  The show is a lot of fun, and I plan to start watching the second season within the next few weeks.

Playing: The only time I was able to dedicate to video gaming this week, was a few hours of Smash Bros. with the rest of the Gameslave crew on Sunday.  So far, it seems pretty good.  I don't feel like I've played enough yet to make an in depth comparison with previous iterations of the series; however, the game is definitely fun.

Unfortunately, I must say goodbye for the week, as this is all the time that I can spend here with you.  I hope all of you are not so time constrained as I am this week so that you can enjoy more geeky activities.  Game on!