The Professional Gamer - December 5, 2014

Hello readers!  I'm still away from home in beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to produce an article for you this week.  Instead, my usual article format will be somewhat subsumed by a postmortem report on my vacation. Read on to learn all about my Savannah vacation!

Reading: Vacation time has allowed me plenty of time to enjoy reading The Lord of the Rings.  At this point, I'm reading The Return of the King and waiting for the Pippin for the assault on Minas Tirith to begin.  Such excitement!  I hope that I'm able to get through most of the book during the flight home tomorrow.

Playing: I've spent some little bits of my free time playing Bravely Default, which has been fun.  I'm drawing near to the final show down in order to awaken the Earth Crystal; however, from the rumors that I've heard about the game, I'm not all that close to finishing the game itself.  We'll see how things go.

Vacation: Kit Seaton has been our host here in Savannah (by which I mean she was the one who drove Crystal and I around to see lots of cool things in the town and surrounding areas).  On Sunday, we spent most of the day recovering from the plane travel, which is always rather draining.  On Monday, we explored old downtown Savannah on foot.  The old brick and stone buildings are really cool to see, although seeing a modern container ship travelling up the river in the background can be disconcerting.  Tuesday was cemetery day.  We explored both the Colonial Cemetery (located in the old part of Savannah) and Bonaventure Cemetery with is located at an old plantation site.  We drove to South Carolina on Wednesday to have some tasty BBQ, and then washed it down with some of the delicious beers that are available on tap at the Crystal Beer Parlor.  On Thursday, we drove out to Tybee Island, to see the old lighthouse and enjoy some time at the beach.  Today we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, and tomorrow we head back to Denver.

We've had a great week off here down in Savannah, and while I may not be excited about heading back to the office, I do feel well rested and ready to take on my professional workload again.  Regardless, I'll be back here again next week to discuss my geeky activity.  Game on!