Titanfall - The Beta / Demo

Titanfall, the big new game coming from Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, is coming out for Xbox One and PC March 11, and it actually seems to be worth our time. You have probably seen your fair share of Titanfall by now, but just in case you have not, or only seen the super clean trailers here is what it is like to have a Titan actually fall from orbit.

Pretty true to form huh? In the game you play a trained pilot of these giant Titans. Each pilot is equipped with a main weapon, a side arm (pistol), an anti-titan weapon, a gadget (usually cloak), and a jump pack. The jump pack allow you to double jump and wall run to get across the large maps quickly giving pilots great maneuverability. This makes the game feel unique when you are on foot compared to Call of Duty or Battlefield, that I actually have anywhere to talk on that since I don't actually play either of those games.

Before I move on, quick disclaimer, I not that good at FPS games in a multiplayer environment. With that said, even with my numerous deaths, I had fun. First off is the auto pistol. This is the best weapon for a noob. It has a large targeting reticle that will auto lock on to enemies within it's range. If the enemy is one of the bots it needs one lock on and can lock on to multiple foes. If it is a pilot (player) you need to wait for a longer x3 lock on before you can kill him. This helps those of use that, for a lack of better words, suck at console FPS games. But if you are actually good at the FPS games, then the rifles and shotgun will fair you much better.

Lastly, the massive Titans. Even the worst player will get their first Titan 4:00 minutes into the game. Better players will have their Titan "build" rate reduced as they get points towards victory. And if you are killed as the Titan comes in (something I am familiar with) it would walk to where you are and attack enemy titans with it's AI. Just remember you are not invincible in a Titan. Sure you have a shield, but enemy pilots can ride your back to hack / damage you. And your health as a Titan does not regenerate. But I will still bring one in every chance I get because it is a GIANT FRIGGING ROBOT!

And that is what I have to say. I am looking forward to the final version of the game next month, and will be playing on Xbox Live. Hit me up at Assimilator82 if you want some easy target shooting. And with that I am going to close this article with some gameplay I recorded from the Xbox One. Enjoy.