Will you embark on a Mighty Quest for Epic Loot?


At the 2013 E3 Ubisoft showed off The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot in which you storm other player's castles to gain loot and build your own castle with traps and monsters. 

In the beta you have the option to play one of four characters. There is Sir Painhammer the boastful Knight, Blackeye Bogart the enigmatic Archer, The Earl of Evilosity (a Mage), and The Runaway who rocks her axe like none other. Each has their own pros and cons for getting past the cruel defenses that other players will have setup to protect their treasure. \

If you find that you truly enjoy the beta there are some Diamond packs available to get you a head start in the full game. Check out the Open Beta Launch Trailer for a bit more insight (below) and if this sounds like something that is up your alley then head to www.themightyquest.com to access the beta.