The Professional Gamer - April 18, 2014

Hello everyone! I have returned after a long absence. The test went well; however, I won't have the official results for about 2 months. While I wait to find out my fate, let's talk about some video games.

Playing: After the test was over, the first game that I picked up was Bravely Default. I'm still loving the game, and spend a considerable amount of my time grinding XP. This is not because the game requires it; rather, I want most of my characters to have a lot of the available job maxxed. I am looking forward to end game, but planning to enjoy the journey at this point.

Watching: Recently, I discovered that the PBS travel show Rick Steve's Europe is available on Hulu, and therefore I have spent the past few weeks touring Europe from my television.


As a busy person, I often wonder about my time priorities. Now, I'm reading Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One has the Time. So far, I have gained a lot of perspective on my own use of time, which seems to be pretty good relative to some of the professionals discussed in the book. I hope that I can bring myself to prioritizing my time more inline with my goals and values.


That's all I have for this week. Game on!