The Halo Journey Continues

Halo has always been a staple of the Xbox diet. It was what launched with the original Xbox, and arguably made it the success it was. Xbox has always meant, and needed, Halo. This is why the recent announcement for Halo is so important. It continues a long standing tradition that a lot of gamers love and hold very dear. Yes, I have given Halo a hard time in the past, but I still love it. So that is why, with the announcement of "Halo 5: Guardians" and the fact that it will come on in fall of 2015 is so awesome. Sure, they did give us much concrete information. They said that "Halo 5" is a bigger effort then "Halo 4" was. They also announced that the "Halo" TV series will (you know, the one Steven Spielberg is working on) will also launch in the fall of 2015. Beyond that there is a lot of "developer speak". I very much doubt we will get to hear / see much in the way of concrete information until the E3 press conference in a few weeks. But this is still a big thing! To quote the Bonnie Ross (General Manager, 343 Industries); the "journey definitely begins in 2014 with a giant leap, rather then a small step." 

Expect more information on the June 9th media briefing. I know I can't wait.