The Professional Gamer - July 12, 2014

Hi Readers! This week I finally made some time to play a relatively new game and finished my current reading book.  Read on to learn more about my week.

Watching: As you podcast listeners may have heard, I watched the premier of Sailor Moon: Crystal with ZeldaQueen last Saturday.  This first episode seems like a good start for the new series.  I never really watched the original series when it was released in the US.  Largely because I was a middle-school aged boy, and therefore had the usual prejudice against "girly" things.  To me, Sailor Moon was just the program that came on before Johnny Quest.  However, I must say that ZeldaQueen's enthusiasm about the new series is contagious, and I'm now looking forward to the next episode.

I have also been watching more than my share of Top Gear, which is simply the best TV show about cars.  Again, I'm not a car person, but I am a bit of an Anglophile and I find the Top Gear presenters to be very funny.

Reading: I've just finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring.  The Fellowship has broken, and Frodo and Sam have set out on towards Mordor.  At this point, I am going to take a slight pause and read Me, Myself, and Why by Jennifer Ouellette.  The book seeks to summarize our most current understanding of the original of the self and self-identity.  I heard her discussing similar topics on Science Friday a few months ago, and decided that I wanted to look into the topic some more.  At this point, I am only at the very beginning of the first chapter, so look for more on this book next week.

Playing: Diablo 3 has made a resurgence at our house.  In the past week, ZeldaQueen and have pushed through from the early part of Act III to the end of Act IV.  I believe we stand on the verge of the final fight with Diablo, but I could be mistaken.  The game has been lots of fun.  My only reservation is that the bosses seem to be a little too easy.  The last time that either ZeldaQueen or I died during a "boss" battle was with Maghda in Act II.  We've had more trouble with groups of elite mobs than we have had with the Act bosses.  We are looking to purchase the expansion once we finish the original release game.  I have to say, my first impressions of the plot have not improved, however the gameplay and graphics have definitely made up for it.

That's it for this week.  I'm hoping to read through a large chunk of Me, Myself, and Why this week, so that I can report more on it next week.  Until then, have a great week and game on!