The Professional Gamer - July 5, 2014

Hello again everyone and welcome to another installment of The Professional Gamer.  Independence Day was yesterday, and so the regular column has been delayed by one day.   This week has allowed me a fair amount of time to pursue my geeky passions.  Read on to find out more.

Reading: The Fellowship of the Ring has set forth from Rivendell, been defeated by the pass of Caradhras, and is now searching for the doors of Moria.  I always find myself a bit annoyed with how dense Boromir can be at times.  He seems to have no idea about how much more dangerous his situation is now that he is journeying with the Fellowship.

Playing: It seems that my little laptop can run Civilization 5 pretty well, so I've been playing that a lot during the past week. I seem to have forgotten most of what I once knew about building an effect civilization; and as I approach the modern era, I seem to be in last place.  Oh well, hopefully the next time through is a bit better.

Watching: This past week, I've watched a few episodes of the BBC program Top Gear.  The episodes I've watched have been from 2004.  The odd thing is that some of the car models that they talk about on the show have only recently become available in the U.S.  I'm not really a big gear head, but the cast of the show have such enthusiasm for cars and such colorful descriptions in their reviews of the vehicles.  This week also marks the release of Sailor Moon: Crystal..  ZeldaQueen and I watched through the first episode this morning.  The series will simulcast, with new episodes available every other Saturday.  Have a watch, especially if you are a fan of the original series.  We would be interested to hear your thoughts on the new series.

This week has provided me some fun with my geeky activities. I hope that you'll join me again next week.  Game on!