NDK Approaches

Believe it or not, Nan Desu Kan is in less then 30 days. Yes, it is that soon, and there is not stopping it so I hope you are ready. Taking place September 12-14 at the Marriott in the DTC again, NDK started announcing some of the great guests that will be there this year. Who are these guests you ask? I am glad you thought about asking that.

This year we have Chris Patton, Chris Cason, Clarine Harp, David Vincent, Jan Scott-Frazier, Kevin McKeever, Patrick Seitz, Steve  Yun, Tommy Yune, Wendy Powell, Chuck Huber, Jason and Heather Martin, Kazha (musical guest), Lauren Landa, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Robbie Daymond, Sonny Strait, and Takahiki Abiru (Japanese Guest and first time at an American convention). Each person's name links to their NDK bio page, but to sum it all up, they are all awesome people that have helped our fandom be what it is today. Whether by creating the characters we love, bringing the characters to life with their voices, or bringing music to our lives. 


We can also expect to see a lot of creativity from the attendees this year. Returning is the Atrium Balcony Decorating Contest (an example from last year is on the left). We also get to see a return of the must anticipated Costume Contest and AMV Contest. Both are usually big draws at the con and require getting in line pretty early.

As NDK gets closer and the program gets put up we can delve more into how we will spend those many hours. What panels should we go to? Who should we talk to? I do leave that open to you, our fans. If there is something specific you want us to cover, speak up, and we will make time for it/