The Professional Gamer - August 8, 2014

Hello everyone, and welcome back from summer vacation.  We had a great time camping last week, and I'm excited to be back at work and play at home.  Read on to hear how my week went.

Reading: Unfortunately, I had to return Me, Myself, and Why to the library, so I've spent additional time reading the Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It.  At this point, I've been through most of the chapter on vegetable crops and fruit, and am currently reading about what work should be done in the garden at various times of year.  At this point, I also have a stack of books that I checked out with the intention of reading them during my recent vacation.  That didn't really end up happening, but hopefully I can get to them before they are due back.

Watching: I turned on Netflix this week to learn that "The Day of the Doctor" (the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special) is now available.  I watched it, and, frankly, am a bit disappointed in it.  In large part, my frustration is with retconning an important aspect of the Doctor's history away.  Since it has only been available for a few days (weeks?) I'm not going to say more so that I don't spoil things for others.  Have a watch.  There is, at least, a great cameo by Tom Baker.

Playing: This week has largely been catching up on a lot of other things around the house.  I did manage to sneak in one night of Diablo 3 and a little bit of time goofing around with Dungeon Defenders.

That's all that I've got going this week.  Tune in again next week for my adventures of the Professional Gamer.