NDK 2014 AMV Contest Winners

The videos have been watched, the votes tabulated, and the winners announced for the NDK 2014 AMV contest. The winners are listed by category below.

Category X: tan(x) by lolligerjoj

Download it from Anime Music Videos here.

Action Category and Editors Choice Best in Show: Louder Than Words by Kensh1n

Drama Category: My Town by CrackedSky

Fun / Upbeat Category: Otaku Paradise by BecauseImBored1

Comedy Category and Audience Choice: Ship Happens by VivifxAMV

Best Local Entry: BICYCLES (ノ゜∇゜)ノ (x)/(x) by Ojive

Iron Editor Winner: Aerialesque

Video Game Winner: Another World's Light by Lucia Studios

The full list of entries can be found on the NDK AMV Forums. There are a lot of really good ones that are worth checking out!