The Professional Gamer - September 26, 2014

Hello everyone! I've been hard at work preparing our interviews and panel recordings from NDK for your listening pleasure.  I hope that you have enjoyed them.  Despite how busy I've been working with those audio files, I've still managed to spend some time having fun.  Read on to see how I spent my precious time.

Playing: The Smash Bros. 3DS demo was released this week, and boy is it fun.  I'm really excited with what I'm seeing for the character roster, and Mega Man is super fun to play.  I'm still working on Bravely Default, but haven't made significant progress through the story at this point.

Watching: Gekkan Shojo: Nozaki-kun is still my favorite current anime.  If you aren't watching it, you really should be.  A friend pointed out a National Geographic series called Going Deep, which is a lot of fun for the geek who is obsessed with doing things in the most optimal way possible.

Reading: I love beer.  And I love learning more about beer.  And I especially love the book Proof : The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers.  If you enjoy science, humor, and storytelling, this is a great book.  

That's all for this week.  I'll be back again next week after I have hopefully made significantly more headway on my audio editing.  Game on!