Is NDK really next week?

Time sure does fly when you are not paying attention. Here we are only a week away from the biggest anime convention in the Rocky Mountain region, Nan Desu Kan. Since my last update they have announced a few more guests and released the guide and schedule

New guests since the last update includes Rachel Robinson who played Oerba Yum Fang from Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns. She has also voiced characters in Hellsing Ultimate, The Devil is a Part Timer! and a plethora of other anime that is on her bio page. NDK is also honored to welcome Dr. Ian Condry and Alisa Freedman along with Kevin McKeever (Robotech) who will all be presenting SANA (Summit of Anime in North America) panels.

And we cannot forget the latest Japanese guest, Hiroyuki Hashimoto! Hiroyuki works freelance in anime and as such as gotten to work with studios such as SUNRISE, J.C. STAFF, and MADHOUSE! Mainly working mostly in directing he debuted with Code Geass: LeLouch of Rebellion R2 and Basquash! Expect big things from him soon.

And finally we have some Anime distribution power houses. We will have FUNimation, Animplex, and for the first time Cruncyroll. So get ready to lose some sleep (but not too much) and get ready for Nan Desu Kan!