The Professional Gamer - September 6, 2014

Hi everyone!  My article is late this week due to planning for Nan Desu Kan 2014.  We're all going to have a full schedule coming up next week.  Until then, here is what I've been doing this week.

Reading: I've split my reading time this week between The Two Towers and the big pack of comics that I got from HumbleBundle.  I've read through Bee and Puppycat 1 and 2Bravest Warriors Vol. 1, and Lumberjanes 1 and 2.  Honestly, spending about $20 to get all these comics from Boom! Studios is one of the best decisions that I've made.  After discussing with Rampage (our sometimes podcast guest), I may need to get set up with Comixology so that I can have a monthly pull list.  There are a lot of good comics coming out from a number of smaller presses, and I want to make sure that I am helping to support them so that they will keep producing great stories.

Watching: This week I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender.  And I think we may have finally convinced IrishPride to watch through the series.  I don't have much more to add.  At this point I watched Avatar something like 5 times now.  The series makes such a great balance between serious and silly moments and lets its characters be people.  The don't always make great decisions, but their decisions are consistent with their understanding of the world.

Playing: Hearthstone recently released a new expansion based on the Naxxramas dungeon.  I've learned that I can't play that game nearly well enough to defeat the first boss.  Sooo....I'm just spending time playing against easier computers and some other people.  Maybe someday I'll be good at videogames again.

That's all for this week.  I won't be able to post an article next week due to the convention, but I will be tweeting frequently throughout the weekend.  Game on!