The Professional Gamer - January 16, 2015

Hey everybody, the bad news this week is that I still ended up spending a huge amount of time working on that design project that I've previously mentioned.  The good news, is that the project drawings are now complete and submitted, so I should have free time this weekend (after I catch up on some of the personal life things, like car maintenance).  Anyways, here's what I was able to cram into my tight schedule this week.

Reading: There was essentially no time for reading this week.  I managed about 2 pages of The Return of the King and about 5 pages of the 5th Edition Players Handbook.  Really, that's about it.

Watching: We found out that Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is now available on NetFlix, and therefore watched it.  There is a funny degree to which the movie is obviously a product of world events from the production period (late 1980's to early 1990's).  After watching both recently, I still prefer Wrath of Khan, but Undiscovered Country is also a good movie.

Playing: Crystal and I have nearly completed the standard Adventure Mode map in Hyrule Warriors.  Sheik (our favorite character, and obvious powerhouse in the game) has passed level 100.  Although it has been a lot of effort, I love seeing us get to a point where we are completing things.  I also played a few minutes of Fantasy Life, but didn't do much aside from raise some of my crafting skills.

That's all that I have for this week, but without that major project, I should have a lot more time to enjoy some fun time this week, and have a much longer article for your enjoyment next week.  Until then, Game On!