This Controller Costs How Much?

Have you been wondering to yourself how you can top buying the $200 Steel Battalion controller? Lamenting that you have reached the pinnacle of ludicrously priced controllers? Well then good news! Mad Catz (who else?) has created a new controller that for Android Phones, Tablets and normal computers. This amazing device comes with a keyboard, travel pouch, holster for your phone or tablet (up to 7") and can connect to other devices such as computers and TVs via an included HDMI cable. Designed to replace on-screen controls you can also play this with OnLive Cloudlift enabled Steam games. So what will this one of kind controller run you? Why only $299.99! Pre-order now for your chance to do all these wonderful things. Check the source for more info on this "wonderful" use of your money.

Or you can buy a PS3 or PS4 controller and try to hook them up instead: or