The Professional Gamer - January 9, 2015

Hi everyone! This week has brought a significant amount of additional work from me, which gives me an even more limited time to enjoy myself.  I'm sure many of you have found yourself in this position as well.  If you want to learn how I struggled with my schedule, read on!

Playing: I split my time between playing Fantasy Life on my 3DS, and playing Hyrule Warriors with Crystal.  Both are still fun diversions from my workday, but for different reasons.  Fantasy life is that fun escapism of a fantasy job where things work pretty well (unlike the real world so often).  On the other hand, Hyrule Warriors is all about cathartic destruction.  Both are helping a lot to relieve my work life stress.

Watching: Honestly, I haven't spent much time watching anything this week.  We shared Summer Wars with a friend who had not seen it yet.  It is still a great movie, with a really heartwarming message about responsibility and family.  Other than that, Crystal and I are the sorts who hooked on home-improvement type shows.  And, recently, a couple of seasons of Property Brothers were released on Netflix.  

Reading: I only spent about 20 minutes this week with The Return of the King, which was not really enough time to advance the plot.  Since last week, I have come to the coronation of Aragorn.  That's as far as I've gone.  However, I've also been reading through the Player's Guide for the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  The rules seem to be written clearly, the art is great, and the fluff is well written and provides players with some good jumping off points for their own characters.  I'm looking forward to an opportunity to participate in a game at some point.  More news on that once it comes into being.

That's all for this week.  Hopefully, I only have one more stressful weekend to go and then should get back to a more ordinary workload.  And, I am aware that I have written that for several weeks now, but this time I mean it.