The Professional Gamer - October 19, 2015

Hello readers! I've had a fun and challenging week.  The boss was away this week, leaving me in charge of the design group.  And, things went pretty well.  I've got another week of responsibility, then I go back to my normal position.  But, it has been fun to be in charge, if only for a little bit.  Anyways, what have I been doing this week?  I'm glad you asked!

Playing: Opening session of my revived tabletop RPG (formerly D&D 4.0, now Pathfinder), went quite well.  My players all seem to be fairly excited about the story that I've teased out for them.  And, the rules are familiar enough to me that the adjustment in running the game was not hard at all.  Crystal and I are planning to trade weeks of running games, so look for more updates in two weeks time.

Reading: My attempt to read through Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon has failed.  Well, its delayed at least.  I'm two chapters from the end, and Sailor Moon is about to face off against Sailor Galaxia.  Alas, the books were due back to the library and I had no more renewals left.  I will get the last volume back as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I read two short graphic novels: The Ring of Saturn and Casting Bones.  In both cases, I'm still collecting my thoughts, but will have full reviews for both in the next few weeks.

Watching: I feel like most of the serials that I've been regularly watching are leaving me in an awkward position this week.  I have one episode left to watch of My Love Story, but it hasn't posted to Hulu yet.  And Steven Universe is now on hiatus (reportedly until 2016).  I did catch Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor's (brief) appearence on The Late Show this week (the Welcome to Night Vale creators come in at the last 5 minutes).  It's cool to see some guys who are making something that is, at least to my mind, incredibly geeky, get some mainstream press for it.

That's all I've got for this week.  I'm off to put together some plans for D&D next week.  Have a great week, and game on!