The Professional Gamer - October 5, 2015

Many weeks, I sit down to write this article feeling that I have precious little to talk about with you.  I've had to stay long at work, or been busy with garden chores, or run into another of the myriad distractions that can suck away my fun times.  But, in spite of some cat issues, I had a whole lot of fun this past week.  Read on to see what's been happening in my life.

Reading: I'm currently in the taper prior to my half-marathon run (which is on Sunday, but since I'm composing this on Friday, I won't be able to tell you about my results.  Spoilers, yo!)  But, with less time required for running, I've had more time to read.  I've nearly finished another volume of Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon.  But, I've left off in the middle of the climatic battle with Nehelenia, Queen of the Dark Moon.  Soon, I'll be into the ultimate story arc, and then finished.  And, my local library has Lumberjanes available for digital loan.  Which led me to reading two more issues last night when I should have been going to bed.

Playing: My gaming this week was again limited to a few minutes of Guild Wars 2, but that's probably not really worth reporting on.

Watching:  First, lets discuss the TV that I've been watching.  I decided to start watching through Doctor Who from the beginning.

No, not that beginning.  This beginning:

Original Doctor Who is somewhat of a mixed bag.  The writing is reflective of its time (i.e. strong white man is basically the hero, while the women are basically left to scream about things).  Sometimes the plots are a bit clunky , and could have been better paced.  However, there is some gold in there.  As silly as they are, the Daleks are still frightening enemies.  And the Doctor is still a mad man with a box.  So far I've watched the first two serials "The Unearthly Child" and "The Daleks", and much prefer these two to "The Aztecs", which I watched last year when it was released on Netflix.  I do wish that the writers had written Susan and Barbara as a bit more clever and brave, but that, maybe, is simply my expectation as a modern viewer looking back on an older work.  I'm going to keep working my way through as many episodes as I can, and we'll discuss them here.

Lastly, I had an opportunity on Wednesday to attend a lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson.  His talk was entitled "Cosmic Bizarre" and focused on all the weird things that existing in our galaxy, from tardigrades to black holes to dark energy/matter.

That's all I've got for this week.  I hope you all have some geeky fun.  Have a great week and game on!