Review: Pixel Galaxy

Pixel Galaxy is a new "space" shooter from indie developer Serenity Forge. At its core the game is a "bullet hell" shooter where you start out as a single pixel. From there more pixels race on to the screen, some of them shooting (lots of) bullets at you. If you can dodge the plethora of bullets and run into the pixel firing at you then that pixel is added to you. The more pixels you get the bigger you are. These new pixels may even fire bullets to take out other pixels and add protection for you, the core pixel. But this also means you are less nimble and will get hit by more bullets. Keep this up and take out one of the numerous bosses and you may unlock the next difficulty level. Since I suck I have only unlocked easiest and easier. I still have easy, normal, normaler and normalest to unlock along with boss rush where you are bombarded with the bosses you have seen. Finally, if you have a someone close by, there is local co-op for two pixels versus the world.

There are two main things that I enjoy about this game. One, it is short. I don't always have a lot of time to play my games, so something that I can play is less then 5 minutes is welcome. Although I don't think I have ever actually played a round that lasted even that long. Second is, even on the same difficulty you never play the same exact level twice. The enemy abilities change as do their attack patterns. It makes for an entertaining game. If you enjoyed games likes Galaga then this would be right up your alley.

4 / 5 Joysticks