The Professional Gamer - December 21, 2015

Hello and Happy Holidays to my faithful readers!  I've had a pretty rough week here.  I started coming down with cold last Thursday, and by Monday night, I felt like I was dying.  I've been slowly clawing my way back to normal through copious application of decongestants, anti-histamines, and expectorants.  At this point, I've got a cough and am losing my voice, but at least I no longer feel loopy and drained.  

With the way I was feeling, I didn't have any desire to do anything really involved.  Fortunately, friend Laurissa finally got me to watch a few episodes of Community.  And, that pretty much explains the binge watching of the rest of the week.  I'm about halfway through Season 2, and am really enjoying the show.  One of my favorite features of the show is that all of the characters have the same propensity for being jerks.  And conversely, they all have bonded with each other and regularly demonstrate how much they care about the other people in their study group.  I'm going to keep watching Community, and hopefully it stays as clever and fun as the first two seasons have been.

I've made considerable more progress on putting together a sector in which to set a Traveller game.  Unfortunately, I haven't actually finished yet.  I'm hoping that I can have everything complete before the end of the year, which should be entirely doable.

That's all I have for this week.  Next week is Christmas, so, I may or may not have an article up on the Monday following.  I actually have several geeky events scheduled for the next week, and would have a lot to talk about.  If I can find some time between the time that I want to spend with my family, I'll put something together for you all to read.  Until then, game on!