The Professional Gamer - February 13, 2015

Hi everyone! With some of my hard deadlines finished, I've had a lot more time to enjoy myself this week.  Have a read to see what fun stuff I did.

Reading: I've had a lot more time to read this week, and have therefore nearly wound up Overwhelmed.  I'm in the last section of the book "Play".  To a degree, I feel that this is a chapter that I know something about, being a lover a games.  But as I read more of it, I think that maybe I'm not allowing myself as much freedom to play as I ought to.  That is, I should, perhaps work a bit harder and more focused for limited hours, and then allow myself more freedom to enjoy my time outside of working.

Watching: This week, I spent most of my television time watching Mushi-shi.  I'm about halfway through the second series at this point, and am really enjoying it.  With some of the recent episodes that I've watched, I've changed my judgement of the show.  The second series is just as good as the first series.  Definitely go out and watch this.

Playing: Crystal and I are still playing Hyrule Warriors.  This week, we decided to start playing some of the Termina map stages.  These tend to take the form of challenges, where you have to do better than the rogue faction.  For example, we've played maps where we have to get more rupies, KOs, or keeps than the rogue faction.  The competition aspect has made these maps more interesting than the previous ones.  I'm looking forward to playing some more.

That's all I have for this week.  See you again next time.  Game on!