The Professional Gamer - March 20, 2015

Hello again, everyone! As expected, I had a long week; but, I made a lot of progress on my projects.  Somewhere in there, I managed to finish reading a couple of books, watch a very little bit of television, and play a few video games.  Just a reminder to you all, when you are busy, it is important to take some time to have fun.

Watching: Honestly, the only thing that I've really taken time to watch this week, have been The Daily Show.  The show is always fun, although I typically don't think of it as particularly geeky.

Playing: The limit on my video game playing this week has been a few minutes of Fantasy Life as I got ready for bed on Monday evening, and about 2 hours of Hyrule Warriors with Crystal on Thursday night.  It's really hard to feel like you are making significant progress with a game when you cannot devote very much time to it.  Still, I know that I'm getting a good way into increasing my skills with the various professions in Fantasy Life, and we managed to complete a few more squares of the adventure mode for Hyrule Warriors.

Reading: I have to say that reading is were I really got my geek on this week.  I finished both Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here and Black Hole.  Poorcraft: WYWH, is a sequel to the original Poorcraft, this time centering on how to travel and have fun without breaking the bank.  I discussed Black Hole a little bit a few weeks ago, but the conclusion is really great.  I'll have a full review up here in a few days.  I've also started reading Valor, which is a great collection of women-centric anthology of fairy tales.  So far, I've only read the first story, but I enjoyed it a lot.  The project was Kickstarted last year, and the print edition should be in my hands soon (I'm currently reading the ebook edition).  Hopefully, the creators will be selling the collection for those who missed the funding campaign.

That's all I've got for this week.  I'm looking at another busy week coming up, but I'm still planning to spend some time geeking out.  Have a great week, and game on!