The Professional Gamer - April 4, 2015

Hello readers.  Another week gone and I've had a lot of fun.  I've managed to do some reading, gaming, and watching of moving pictures.  I'm having a lot of fun preparing for TCAF, but am a bit behind on my reviews. You should see a few more posts from me in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out for those.

Reading: I spent this week catching up on Eve of All Saints , a comic by Kit Seaton, based on a book by George Herman. The comic presents the story of a group of vagabonds making their way through Italy, all while the various nobles, clergy, and royals prepare for war.  Seaton does some really amazing work.  The two things that impress me the most as I've been reading this comic are here portrayals of Renaissance architecture and action and movement of the characters.  If you haven't been reading this comic yet, I recommend that you go and check it out.  I also read all of the Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search.  I'll have some more to say in a full review later, but for now I'll give you s simple message: It's good, go read it if you haven't already.

Watching: My friend Andrew pointed me to the PBS Ideas Channel on YouTube. Each video in the channel spends about 5 to 10 minutes discussing the connections between pop culture, technology, and art (and memes!).  Starting on Thursday this week, I just started watching through all of their videos in chronological order.  So, you should do that to.  The time : fun ratio is really good.

Playing:   My gaming time this week has been limited to Fantasy Life.  However, I have managed to advance the main plot by a very small increment, and clear out my quest log somewhat.  I was getting dangerously close to maxing out the quest log, which would not be a good way to play the game.  I'm enjoying the game still, especially as I'm starting to get further into the plot.  Also, I was nearly killed by the Nap Dragon.  Do not try to take that guy down at level 20.  He will eat you and your cat.

That's all for this week! Check back here throughout the week for some more comic and graphic novel reviews (TCAF is so soon, and I haven't read all the things yet!), and check back again next week for the next installment of the Professional Gamer.  Game On!