The Professional Gamer - June 12, 2015

This has been another long week at work; which can only mean that I had to make the most of my free time.  And, I feel I had some degree of success this week.  I played a new game, started reading some manga that I've never read, and continued a more in depth viewing of one of my favorite shows.  Read more after the break.

Watching: I'm still enjoying this viewing of Samurai Jack.  Truth be told, this is first time that I've watched the entire series, since I was not quite religious in my viewing when it originally aired on Cartoon Network.  Which means that now I'm watching some episodes that I did not catch the first time around.  I'm surprised about the depth of emotion in some of the episodes.  Mostly, I remember Jack being a very stoic, tough character.  But there are a few episodes that generate a great deal of empathy for his predicament.  I've nearly finished Season 2, and I'm hoping that the second half of the series has been as good as the first.

Reading: If you've listened to our podcast, you know that Crystal grew up reading and watching Sailor Moon, and that she loves it a lot.  After listening to many discussions of the series, I decided that I should get in on it and read it for myself.  I'm taking my time through it on purpose (I do have a tendancy to rush through comics and manga and not really pay attention to the art), and I'll post my thoughts as I progress.  At this point, I've just finished Chapter 3, and have been introduced to Rei.  Mostly, I am amused at how often Usagi comments on the attractiveness of the young women around her.

Playing: Heroes of the Storm sure is some fun.  I'm not doing a whole lot with it, aside from goofing around, but I am having fun.  Not a whole lot to discuss about it at this point.  Maybe once I get through a few more levels and can actually purchase some characters to add to my permanent roster I'll have more to discuss.

That's about all that I have for my week.  I'm going to be very busy the next few weeks as I get deep into the design of a major project, but I plan to still have some time for fun.  Check back again next week to see how I do at balancing my work and leisure time.