The Professional Gamer - June 20, 2015

Hi everyone! This has been a fun week with some great time spent watching new(ish) cartoons as well as a little bit of video games and some reading.  Also, my RPG group is looking at changing this up a bit, so I'll be reporting on that for the next few weeks as we get settled in again.

Reading: I'm still slowly getting through Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.  I'm going slowly mainly due to trying to run more at lunch to keep myself in shape a little more.  I've nearly finished the first volume with the introduction of Sailor Jupiter.

Playing: As I discussed on the podcast this week, all I've been playing lately is Heroes of the Storm.  I feel like I'm improving, even though I'm only practicing against A.I.  

RPG: We're going to try a new section here this week, and keep using it as long as it seems appropriate to do so.  One of our regular players will no longer be able to play with us, so we've decided to change things up and try some new things.  This week, we pulled out the Traveller player's book and started making some characters.  Working together to create the characters was a lot of fun.  We are also looking at starting up a Dresden Files game (GM'ed by yours truly).

Watching: I'm trying to catch up on Steven Universe so that I won't end up getting spoiled during my usual Tumblr browsing.  I also found out that Over the Garden Wall is available on Hulu, and about an hour later started watching it.  In the end, I watched the whole series in one night.  Leaving out spoilers, I love the way that the show takes typical fairy tale tropes, subverts them, and then completely shatters your expectations of the scenes.

That's all I've got for this week.  Join me again next week for more discussion of how to be a geek with a professional lifestyle.