The Professional Gamer - July 10, 2015

We're at the height of summer, and in the middle of San Diego Comic Con.  I'm not able to go, but I'm watching the events from afar.  If not, then hopefully you are enjoying the long summer days.  I know that I am.  Read on to find out what I've been up to for the past week.

Reading/RPG: Reading and RPG has been largely the same this week.  I finished reading through the Traveller core rulebook, and spent several hours on Sunday with the gaming group figuring out our characters.  I really love the character creation rules, especially since they provide you with a series of events in time that define your character.  It makes it a lot easier to find out who your character is.  And we should have our first game session this weekend, so you should expect to hear more from me soon.

Watching: I'm still watching through Samurai Jack.  At this point I have a little more than a season left.  Notable recent episodes were "Birth of Evil", which discusses the origin of Aku and a Spy vs. Spy type episode, with a white spy who was reminiscent of Jigen.  I'm going to be sad to have finished watching the series in the next few weeks, but also excited to find something else to spend my time on.  Most notably, the upcoming Steven Bomb!

Playing: As I discussed last week, I spent much of the holiday weekend playing Elite: Dangerous.  I think I've got a handle on basic controls again, and need to decide how I would like to proceed through the game.  Would I prefer to pilot a freighter, or a fighter?  Either could be fun, but it ends up being so hard for me to choose!

Wow, sounds like I'm going to have a busy week ahead of me! But its going to be a lot of fun.  I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as I am.  See you again next week! Game on!