The Professional Gamer - July 20, 2015

Hello Readers!  I hope you found my weekend post about the new schedule.  If not, you're here anyway, so welcome back.  From here on out, you can read about my weekly adventures on Monday morning, which I feel is more like prime time for the blogging audience.  Enough about that boring business stuff though. I know why you're here!  You want to know what I've done this week.  Read on to find out.

Reading: Due to a long period spent in the dentist's waiting room this week, I've now read through 5 volumes of Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon.  I must say, I wasn't sure that the "Dark Moon" arc was ever going to end.  And I'm a bit weirded out about where all the "Dark Lady" stuff went (that is your father Chibi-usa, please stop touching him like that).  But, Sailor Pluto is pretty cool.

Watching: I watched a couple more episodes of Samurai Jack, but the main event this week was the latest "Steven Bomb".  I haven't watched the Friday episode as of writing this post.  However, I've loved the episodes this week.  I'm not gonna say to much else, cause I'll go into spoilers.

Playing: This has been the week of Elite: Dangerous.  Of course, in addition to actually playing, I've been spending lots of time reading about the game in an attempt to avoid rookie mistakes.  Currently, I'm getting my starter ship decked out with some higher quality equipment.  Once I get that done, I'll start saving up to buy a flashier ship.  I'm having a lot of trouble deciding how I'd like to spend my time going forward.  Should I be a merchant or an explorer? Or should I go out to the asteroid belts and make my fortune mining?  Or, should I look for wanted criminals and bring them to justice?  There are almost too many possibilities at this point.

That's all I have for this week. Join me again next time for more stories about the busy life of a professional geek.  Game on!