Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - Taking it to a New Level

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F at the Sie Film Center here in Denver. And it was quite the treat to see! The movie was everything that one could hope for. There was fighting, comedy, and plenty of escalation of powers! It was also nice that they did not over play powering up but still made it a large event. Everything that you could want from a Dragon Ball Z movie.  Heck, Krillin even got to kick some butt without dying! There were things that were expected and foreshadowed, but that did not mean it was unwelcome when they came to fruiting and was still exciting when it came to the resolution.  Plus there was something special about getting to see this kind of movie in a theater with such a large crowd. The theater I was in sold out (and then some, they pulled in chairs from the lobby to seat everyone). Powering up and a certain special move from Goku (you know the one) was so much more spectacular when you have a group of geeks cheering him on. Without spoiling anything on how things go down (you know how it ends) it was a great addition to the Dragon Ball Z line up, and worth you time to see.

Since I mentioned how the theater was filled beyond capacity; I feel that should also mention that domestically Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F has made $5,756,259 dollars as of 08/9/2015 according to Box Office Mojo. That puts it at 9th place for the top domestic anime movies, and the only movie not backed by Buena Vista (Disney), Fox, or Warner Brothers. That means FUNimation was able to out market movies like The Wind Rises and Howls Moving Castle, both brilliant films from Studio Ghibli. Congrats to FUNimation for putting on such a grass roots effort with this film and getting it out for fans to see!