The Professional Gamer - August 17, 2015

I've made it through another week of splitting my time between working and geeking.  As usual, I have one strong category, and two very week categories.  Have a read to see what I've been doing.

Reading:  Really, I'm meant to be reading Pretty Guarding: Sailor Moon; but, with the amount of running that I've been doing during my lunch hour, its been hard to get any time to read.  I'm now at the limits of my library renewals, so I'd really better get to it.


Playing: For whatever reason, I've been playing a fair amount of Guild Wars 2 lately; but I don't really have anything new to report since last week.

Watching: Part of the reason that my other categories are lacking this week is that I've spent a lot of time watching TV.  Well, Netflix to be precise.  The latest season of Doctor Who was just released.  And no matter how bad Moffat's direction is, I still feel compelled to watch it.  It isn't the worst season of Doctor Who (last season of Amy and Rory gets that prize), but I'm not terribly fond of the new Doctor.  He's too much of a pompous jerk to everyone (especially Clara).  I'm trying to reserve judgement on it, but I'm just not impressed so far.

That's all I've got for this week.  Tune in again next week!