The Professional Gamer - August 10, 2015

I have returned from my (brief) summer vacation, and am back to the ordinary world of work and geek.  But, I enjoyed my camping trip / tech sabbatical.  Several days without the ability to use my phone (at least without standing in some very specific locations) was a great break from normal life.  Now that I'm back, how have I spent my time?  Mostly planted in front of the TV, cause Denver is way too hot!

Reading:  Let's start with reading this week.  Since I had several days away from all my circuits, I did some reading.  As I've previously discussed, I'm reading the reissue of Pretty Guardian: Sailor Moon.  With several days off, I was able to read 3 more volumes, and am now into the early stages of the Dead Moon (Super S) arc.  So far, I think I'm enjoying this arc the best so far.  I'm still in the early parts of the story, so we'll see how it goes from here.

Playing: Not as much to report on this category this week.  I've played some Hyrule Warriors with Crystal, and we are nearing completion of the Masterquest and Twilight maps.  Termina still needs some more attention.  I've also been playing some more of Guild Wars 2.  A few weeks ago, I decided to make a new character, and chose the Elementalist class.  I'm really enjoying my ability to burn my enemies to a crisp before they have much of a chance to swing at me.

Watching: I'm continuing with watching Ranma 1/2, and have just been introduced to Shampoo.  Crystal has just realized that the premise for every episode really is "martial arts _____" or "_____ martial arts".  I, meanwhile, sit by her with a grin on my face, as she is facing the tendancy for repetativeness in the show's plot.  Also, this is Jon Stewart's last week on The Daily Show.  I'm gonna miss him a lot.  I didn't watch The Daily Show all the time, but I always loved his authentic humor.  He was just so well suited for the show that it is hard to imagine what will happen as Trevor Noah takes over.  I'll certainly give Noah a chance, but we all know that no one can truly replace Jon.