This Weeks Geek - 01/20/2015


Star Wars, a good chunk of us love. And even those of you that don't have to admit you would love to have a lightsaber, assuming you don't cut off your own in limbs in the first 5 minutes of owning it. Well the folks at Google know that. And a as a result have created a new(ish) Chrome Experiment called "Lightsaber Escape".

So first off for this to work you do need Google Chrome. Once you have Chrome started head to They will give you a URL to go to on your phone and it will sync the browser and your phone. Your phone just became a lightsaber and you have to use it to escape a star destroyer full of storm troopers. And for those that like to compete, it times your escape. It is a little wonky, but the fact that it even works a bit is awesome. Also given the wonkiness of it, new games always start up back and where you last failed. 


Deadpool will be officially released in movie form in less then a month now. And in true Deadpool form, they are trolling their audience (or allowing their audience to be trolls). Now boyfriends who want to see Deadpool with their girlfriends and won't mind spending actual Valentines day in the dog house can use this poster to try entice their significant others into the movie.

And if you need to really seal the deal on this, there are a number of fan trailers to help the charade. Here are two I found in pretty short order: one and two. Just pray she does not see and figure out this other poster. I swear the marketing guys are using every idea that got vetoed for other movies on these ad campaigns.


Ok, last thing for this week. I had not seen any of Doctor Who season 8. So this month I finally got around it to it and found that Doctor Who is supposed to leave Netflix February 1st. All of it. I know this is not the first time this has happened, but just in case, if you have not seen all that you want to, here is your two week warning.

Also, since I am done with Season 8, I will say I have no clue how I feel about the new Doctor. Sometimes I like him, other times he is so full of himself I want to punch him. But that might be how I have felt with a lot of the Doctors.

Well that is all for this week. Fingers crossed I actually keep this up this time. In the mean time, Geek On my friends!