The Professional Gamer - October 10, 2016

Hi Everyone! I don't have a lot to report on this week. With the change in recent change in weather, I ended up wanting to spend a large portion of my time with a bit of a comfort movie. In this case, The Lord of the Rings. For those who have been following me for awhile, you may be aware that I tend to read the books once a year. I'm currently reading The Two Towers and decided that watching the movies would be a good way to spend my evenings.

Also, I found a new anime series to watch for the fall season: Yuri!!! on Ice. The series is about Yuri Katsuki, a 23 year old figure skater. At the the beginning of the series he suffers a major defeat, coming in last at a Grand Prix competition. He moves back home to do some soul searching and decide whether to continue with his skating career. At the end of the episode he finds a new coach who wants to help him. The animation in the show is fluid and provides an great sense of grounding for the characters. The style for the opening is also really cool.

That's all I have for this week. See you next time and game on!