The Professional Gamer - November 21, 2016

Hello readers! I've had a busy week with a trip up to South Dakota and back in the middle of the week, and developing plantar faciitis. That's given me a somewhat busy week. I did manage to watch some fun animation this week. Let's talk about things!

First up is Yuri!! On Ice. I want to talk about the latest episode, but don't really want to spoil anyone too much about it. I will therefore limit my comments to this: it's great and super gay and heartwarming. Go watch it, do it now!

A new episode of Steven Universe aired this week, dealing with issues of family and prejudice. You can think of this as a Thanksgiving special for a new generation of outcasts who will be visiting family members on the more conservative end of the spectrum. Vrai Kaiser recently posted about this episode on The Mary Sue. Kaiser's thesis is that this episode was intended for a world in which Hillary Clinton was the President-Elect, and that the optimism of the episode is somewhat lost to those of us living in the Darkest Timeline. Kaiser elaborates that the world in which we do currently live prevents the episode from being as effective as it might have been otherwise. I have to disagree with this assessment. Those young (or perhaps not so young) people will likely be visiting their families this year regardless of the outcome of the election, and I think the episode provides some much needed optimism and levity. This probably isn't the best episode of SU ever, but it is a lot stronger than Kaiser gives it credit for.

And that's all I have for this week. Come back soon and game on!