The Professional Gamer - December 12, 2016

Hello readers, and welcome to another week of the Professional Gamer. This has been a week largely dedicated to watching a bunch of YouTubers talking about media. But I also did spend some time enjoying media myself. So, let's talk about them.

I found out this weekend that one of my friends did not have a chance to watch The Dark Crystal when he was young. We decided to remedy that over the weekend. I hadn't watched the movie for several years. The puppets and practical effects that the film employs remain engaging and believable. And the story is very good, considering that it is a children’s fantasy movie. Fortunately, Henson and Company have considerably more respect for their audience than a lot of their contemporaries. If you have never seen The Dark Crystal or if you haven’t seen it for awhile, go and watch it. The Dark Crystal is a lot of fun and would make a great family movie night.

Yuri!! On Ice continues this week with some pretty heavy revelations this week. Again, I’m going to avoid the spoilers, but some stuff happened this week that changes the interpretation of everything that has previously happened in series. At this point, there are likely only 2 episodes left, and I’m somewhat ambivalent about it. I’m excited to see the conclusion of the story, but I don’t want the series to end. Or at least, I’ve become accustomed to having a weekly episode of a show that is wonderful and life affirming. If you don’t mind some spoilers, check out this twitter thread (click through for the full content).

That’s all that I have for now. Have a great week and game on!