Pokémon 20th Anniversary Continues

20 years ago Gameboy owners started their mission to catch them all. You had the choice of red or blue and Bulbasaur, Charizard, or Squirtle. And then you were off. There were 151 monsters of amazing variety and we chased after them with vigor. 20 years later we have had over 30 Pokémon games, 18 years of Ash Ketchum staying 10 years old, and tons of toys. To celebrate Nintendo has announced a new New 3DS box set that comes with Pokémon Red and Blue and two face plates so you can customize as you see fit. This is set to release on February 27th. But that is not all they have planned.

For the month of February you can also go to a Gamestop to get a limited edition LVL 100 Mew. This is the same Mew that was found via events in Pokémon Red and Blue. You can also watch Pokémon: The First Movie on Pokémon TV for the month.  There are plenty of other Mew related events this month from new Pokémon TCG and with limited editon Mew plushes.