Colorado Anime Fest - The Time is Nigh

We are a week out from Colorado Anime Fests first convention. Happening February 12th - 14th at the Denver Renaissance Hotel (I-70 and Quebec) this will be Denver's third Anime convention. So why should you and your loved one spend at least part of Valentine's Weekend here? First off, anywhere you go this weekend will be busy. At least here you will be around those with similar interests. Second, most likely anyone you are seeing/dating/married to likes this sort of thing too. Lastly you could find that perfect show in the dealers room to anime and chill with ;-) .

OK, so now that we know it is perfectly fine for a romantic(ish) weekend, what are you going to do there? Well there is always people watching and photography. Nothing is quite as fun as watching a geek in there natural environment. Then when you tire of watching people you can go to one of the many panels. There is Japanese culture, drawing, gaming and more. And don't forget the guests! For the first year Colorado Anime Fest has Chris Patton, Christina Vee, Greggo Wicker, Kieran Strange, Marisha Ray, Christopher Sabat, and Matthew Mercer

So are you going? Great! But now you have to prepare. Going to a convention is mostly fun and games, but you still have to stay fed and hydrated. I typically advise keeping a water bottle and some light snacks while you run around. Now snacks are not a replacement for a good meal. You don't want to miss 1/2 the convention because you passed out during to low blood sugar. You should do at least 2 actual meals a day, preferably 3. This area of town makes that easy. Across Quebec from the hotel is a slew of restaurants. You have quick places such as McDonald's, Jimmy John's, Subway, and Smash Burger along with sit down joints like iHop, Famous Dave's (cosplayer beware), and Taste of Asia (personal favorite). Between these options and what the hotel sets up you have no excuse to not eat. Sleep is also important and should not be done in panel rooms. It is a hotel for gods sake and there are 3 more in walking distance if you don't / cant' go home every day. Lastly if you are from out of town or new to area an dnot used to Colorado's high altitude be careful when drinking. My favorite term  for this is you have just become a cheap date as you can't hold the same alcohol as you could at lower elevations.

And hey, if you want to take an Anime break, there is a theater about a mile away so you can catch Deadpool. Just saying.