The Professional Gamer - February 8, 2016

Hi Everyone, this has been a week where I watched and played a lot of stuff, but don't feel like I have a whole lot worth talking about.  Let's get started anyways, and we'll see where we end up.

I've spent about another hour driving around my Space Truck in Elite: Dangerous.  Everything is still going well, though getting interdicted (i.e. pulled out of faster than light travel) is the most terrifying experience, and leaves me with a pounding heart for several minutes after I've managed to escape.  On the other hand, I feel like I'm earning money hand over fist, and should be able to upgrade my ship soon to something with a little more style (and firepower!)

Early in the week, I finished watching Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls at the Dungeon? (Familia Myth).  I think the series ended pretty well, tying up the main thrust of the story while leaving space for them to continue the series (considering that there are plenty more volumes of the light-novels / manga).  Is it the best series ever? Probably not. Certainly not as good as first arc of Sword Art: Online, but certainly better than the second arc.  The story certainly make more sense than .hack//SIGN (but can't hold a torch to the music).  You may have noticed a patern to my comparison: MMORPG anime.  The world that Familia Myth takes place in is, for all intents and purposes, an MMO; regardless of the hoops that the creator has tried to jump through to say that it is a more real world type setting.  I think this justification is a bit silly, but honestly, since the world operates on a consistent internally logic, it doesn't bother me too much.

Once I had finished watching Familia Myth, I transitioned into Snow White with the Red Hair.  I originally started watching this series several months ago.  For whatever reason, I was not really in the mood for this show back then, but now it seems to be growing on me.  I've only watched 3 episodes, so this is a bit of a hot take, but I really like the main character, Shirayuki.  She has such a great independent attitude that is really refreshing.

 This past year, I backed a Kickstarter for an anthology of comics made by women gamers called Chainmail Bikini.  I enjoy the sentiment that the creative impetus behind this anthology, but the quality of the pieces are really uneven.  Some are well polished, with stories that flow well; whereas other feel like they may have been made by novice creators.  I feel like a stricter editorial policy may have helped the quality of the anthology as a whole.  I'll read some more stories and get back with you on how I feel next week.

And we had our first Traveller session, of the character generation type.  When it comes to Traveller, character generation really does take a session because it is so in depth.  I'm looking forward to our first playing session at some point in the future.

That's all that I have for this week.  In the end, I had a lot to talk about.  I'll be at Colorado Anime Fest, so if you see me, feel free to say "hello".  Have a great week and game on!