The Professional Gamer - June 13, 2016

Hello readers.  This has been one of those weird weeks where I found myself not doing anything geeky, but can't really find the reason for it.  Let's try to recount what happened this week.  On Saturday, I went out for my birthday with family and friends, which took a large portion of the day.  On Sunday, all of the usual D&D crew was busy, so Crystal and I ended up working outside.  Monday evening, I went for a very long walk to help clear my head and work off a heavy dinner.  On Tuesday, our friends came over for dinner and we all watched Crystal play Skyward Sword.  Wednesday, Crystal and I decided to go out for dinner, since we had a pretty good coupon.  We spent several hours enjoying some beer and talking about everything.  On Thursday night, I went for a run by myself right after work, then went for a run with Crystal after dinner, which left me super tired.  And that brings us to Friday night where I am composing this article.  I'm with all the art crowd, typing away while they draw, paint, and color.  Maybe I'll play some FLT after this.

Anyways, let's talk about the future.  E3 starts tomorrow, and we are likely to be deluged with news of new games and products.  Personally, I'm most looking forward to Nintendo's press conference.  Even without discussion of their new console, getting some more info about the new Legend of Zelda title and Pokemon GO has me really excited.  

Further in the future, is Denver Comic Con which starts next Friday.  After helping Crystal run a table for the past few years, its going to be hard to adjust to spending the whole event on my feet.  I'm hoping to see some of the artists that I've met in past years, as well as meet some new creators.  I'm very likely to buy another print from Ukiyo-e Heroes, and maybe another book from Val Hochberg.  We'll have to see.  Not a lot of the names on the artist alley list are familiar to me, but I am horrible with keeping names attached to faces (and art!).  

Next week, I'm not likely to have an article posted at the usual time due to convention burnout, but will do my best to post some short comments and pictures for you all.  Have a great week and game on!