E3 2016 - Nintendo Treehouse Impression

Nintendo is one of the oldest groups at E3, and always one of my favorites. Even in recent years where I find myself playing less Nintendo, I always hope for them have a winner.

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon
    • This games legendaries are the emissaries of the Sun and the Moon, the sources of life.
    • Alola Region is a region teaming with all sorts of different life and is island based.
    • Rumor of ultimate evolutions???
    • When Pokémon or caught there wil be a white Pokéball that indicates it has a pair or evolution that is needed to complete it in the Pokédex
    • Shadow appears on the screen when about to battle another Pokémon trainer
    • Battle Royal so 4 trainers can fight at once. Once a trainer looses all their Pokémon it is over and points are tallied
    • Out on November 18th
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Pretty, and looks big
      • Ok, based on what Reggie is saying, it is big
    • Starts in "Shrine of Resurrection"
      • Was Link dead?
      • They mention a long slumber, so maybe?
    • Lots of exploration and collection right off the bat
    • Weapons can break, so  you can steal them from enemies
    • Health does not come from cutting crash, instead collect food
      • What the heck, Link always should be able to cut grass for food / money
    • This is very much more stat based from what I can tell
    • The art style is very animated

So all in all Nintendo has just two games, and nothing else. While this is really freaking light (something on the NX would be nice) they really don't need much else.