E3 2016 From the Floor - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This year Nintendo is focusing on only one thing, Zelda. As such the entire booth is dedicated to the new game that comes out next year. Given that is it worth it? Short answer is yes.

Long answer is that there are quite a few changes to what we normally know. The most obvious is that the equipment has stats. Clothing can affect your damage and resistances. Different weapons do different amounts of damage and can break. Fortunately you can steal foes weaponry. Be warned though, there are flame wands and you can set yourself on fire by burning the environment. Also cutting grass no longer gives you health. You need to collect food from the environment to eat/cook to regain health.  Cooked food does regain more health. It does make sense how it works. Pots were strangely absent from my run in the demo though.

Combat continues to have the Z targeting which is almost required in 3D games. You can quickly swap weapons when one breaks. If you are under attack and your weapon breaks you are best off trying to steal one from your foe. Fingers crossed that when you finally get the Master Sword it has infinite durability. 

Storywise the game does not disappoint, at least from the intro demo. Link has been asleep for 100 years, and in this time Hyrule has fallen. You discover that the demon Canon is trapped in Hyrule Castle, but he is gaining power, and once he escapes the world is doomed. The only hope is boy with amnesia listening to the directions of a disembodied voice. If this were not a fantasy game I would consider them screwed. 

The game is coming out for both the WiiU and NX, so we can expect a March 2017 release date.  Fingers crossed it stays fun!